Thursday, February 26, 2004

Vulvatron, The Poker Llamas, The Righteous Fandango, Sacks of Tears, Watermelon Cooch, Harpie Delight, Squandering Angst, Seasons of Mange, Amniotic Smoothie, Heartbreak Scro-Tel, Center Console Admissional, Okay Curtis!, Two-Faced Mormon, The Doobie Step-Cousins, Silky Drawers, The Dick Wolves

and from BS Indeed: Explosive Chasms of Pain, Greatness Renounced, Lovestruck Ninjas, Caving In to Uncle Tom, Creation Inflation, The Wunderperves, Das Da Poopie, Grapes of Plath, Stellar Magnolia and the Lemon Peels, Rhinoplastation without Representation

and from David Hasselhoff: I Am A German God, Devil With A Red Speedo, Newmie's Voracious Sexual Appetite, Hobie Time, Lick My Tower, Rollerblade Crapshoot, Mitch Ain't Your Bitch, Second-Fiddle to A Talking Car, No I'm Not Don Johnson

Monday, February 16, 2004

Babylon 69, The Muse Shoes, Accent on The Dill, Misty Water Colored Mammaries, The Static Cling Cockrings, The Leg Men, Warlock Wanna-Be and The Unnecessarily Pointy Hats, Electric Salmonella, The Ham Percolators, Prognosis Ambiguous, BURN RUBBER!, The Papaya Inscription, Be The Ball, The Speculum Perspective, Clay Aiken, The Barely Breeding, Punchbuggy Massacre, "Personal Massager" and The Who Do You Think You're Foolings, Secondhand Uterus, Playback Bitchslap, Teeth for Quarters, God Loves Leather, Miss Piss-Poor Attitude and The Non-Team Players....

Friday, February 13, 2004

Seizures Palace, Sweaty Palm and the Limp Handshakes, Knife Lightning, Corndog Thunderstorm, Mono, STAT! Majestic Unicorn Asscheeks

Thursday, February 12, 2004

Marshmallow Tombstone, Squeamish Aggression, One Man Bar Mitzvah, Tighten Those Knickers, Supermarket Creep, Keen Fashion Sense, Paradise of Meat, The Inappropriate Rebels, Cockblock Chaz and The Beamers, Cellophane Satan, The Greasy Escapades, The Promise of Titty, Wetland Surprise, Yogurt Fetish, The Hearty Bowls of Thrash, Pardon My Stench, Me So Pretentious, The Sound of Shoving, Bluewater Tears and The Tidy Soul Man...

Monday, February 09, 2004

Coal Miners In Heat, The Drab Five, The Bonos (formerly Sonny & The Involuntary Face-lifts), My Soiled Sam Goody Smock, Humping Farm, Meet-n-Greet Manifesto, The Dirty Diapers, Ferra Fawsett, Chug My DNA...

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