Wednesday, January 28, 2004

A Donkey Fire inspired instant message conversation with Ass Machine Jones and BS Indeed:

xgizzardx: Mungal Blanket
riotmag27: Dungaree Vulva
xgizzardx: Parsley T-Back
xgizzardx: Glandular Disarray
riotmag27: Cilantro Y-Back
riotmag27: Long Sleeved Urethra
xgizzardx: Prostate and the Lost Frenum
xgizzardx: Cattleprod Backwash
riotmag27: Stinkproof Cabana Bites
xgizzardx: Cud Pocket
xgizzardx: Flatulance for Freedom
riotmag27: Sly Meringue Pie
riotmag27: Wheaties Spasm
xgizzardx: Grape Minge
xgizzardx: Minikawa's Lost 5 Foot Cheetah
riotmag27: Mahogany Airboat
xgizzardx: Dentifrice Milkshake
riotmag27: Hairy Welcome
riotmag27: Harlequin Shitpants
xgizzardx: Takeout Sphinctor
riotmag27: Twist of Lymon
xgizzardx: Gamey Cuntcheese and the Smeg Removers
riotmag27: Polyp Cracker
xgizzardx: Snap Fecal Pop
riotmag27: Hitchin' a Tear
riotmag27: Corndog Fantasia
xgizzardx: Rippling Minkoil
riotmag27: Elephantial Brutality
xgizzardx: 7 Seconds of Perfect Paranoia
xgizzardx: Neverlasting Cockrobber
riotmag27: Whisper to Ice Cream
riotmag27: Sickle Cell Origami
xgizzardx: Unchained Syphilis
riotmag27: Acid Rock Reflux
riotmag27: Brackish Groove
xgizzardx: Spoogerag Graveyard
riotmag27: Mmm, Oatey!
xgizzardx: You've Got Brail
riotmag27: Circus of Balls
xgizzardx: Chunks of Regret
xgizzardx: and the Pump Up Allstars

Thursday, January 22, 2004

David Carradine's Robotic Arm Hates Your Crotch, The Spring I Fucked My Aunt, Girl Toss, Chief Dan Shoehorn & the Loafers, The Rice Kings, Hunting Holly Hobby, Martin & the Afro Sheens, The Man From 1983, Chinatown Minstrels, Kung-Fu Preschool, Haiti Is For Lovers...

Adult Beard, Sausage Handcuffs, Afterbirth Party, A Space Godyssey, Born Again Fistin', Sisyphean Spacek, Fat Kid Stain, Clam Sandwich, Where Are You Going with that Streudel?

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Stink Weiner Surprise, Sexual Ass Salt, Stormdrain Slimegines, The All powerful and far reaching dirty brownish-red fingers of Al Mattolo, The Prosthetic Pimps, The Mass Nerderers, The Borscht Browneyes, Chock Full O' Sluts, Apocalypse Hoboken...

Monday, January 19, 2004

Four-Door Pulpit, Crotchless Revolution, Megamamed, Marvin Cockcomb and The Sultry Poultry, Satan's Cotton Finger, Lucid Dreams of Ron Popeil, Magenta Yenta, The OCD Protocol, The Heaping Tablespoons of Wicked, Quills of Fright, The Shape of Sadness, Zsa Zsa Wilkins and The Leotard Chafes, Taunts of Licehead, Wet Handfuls, Who Wants Seconds?!, MC Sexual Denial and DJ Personal Massager Wand, Beatbox Betty, Whore No More, Booty Pollutey...

Thursday, January 15, 2004

Glass Bitch...

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Hollerin' Ugly, Jailhouse Brown and the Smoked Pickles, Yella Duke Dupree and the Toothless, Screamin' Baby Mamas, Curly Lips, Wolf Bags, Now with Nuts!, Dead Nurses Tell No Secrets, Bronchitis Party, New Age Crystal Meth

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Now Meteor!, Miniature Devastation, Margarine Dreamcoat, Petite Dong, So Harsh, Au Revoir Pants, Turgid Otter, What A Squealin', Bibliodiscoteca, Atomic Defrost, Putt to Win!!, Legless in Louisville, The Chinchilla Response, Hobby Knob and The Bouncers, Time Will Smell, Krazy Naked Pete (for Helen), Crackerjack Coup, Pollo Physicale, Wayward Son and The Peace When You Are Dones, Sickle Cell Armenia, Tuckus Ruckus, Circus of Lars, Speed Metal A'La Mode...

Sunday, January 11, 2004

The Rug-Burned Knees Of Altar Boys, Spit Swap In The Dugout, Pearl Handled Grip, Welcome Home Ethan Frome, The Rembrandts (formerly VanGogh Fuck Yourself), Doggy Style Council, Fill'er Up, Samurai Thong, Stuck On The Griddle, Catfish Marathon, Plastered In Paris, Those Tennessee Teens, The Durian In Mono, Filipino Scavenger Hunt, Terror Around 5-foot-4, Seka vs. Frankenstein, Wheelchair Snobbery...

Friday, January 09, 2004

Banshee Warbler, Skintight yet Strangely Sallow, Minute Tears, Gallstoner, Easy Edith and The Popcorn Tub Handjob Experience, Runaway Gobstopper, Stinkwiener, Nipples on Parade, Love Squirts, Pussy Confit, Gorillas Gone Wild!, Musty Toupee', Casio Hacker, Maxi Launchpad, AFFIRMATIVE, Kiss My Sadness, Cats Against Dogs, Confetti Anatalia and The Brown Sprinkles, Bargain Rock, Michael Bolton vs. The World, Voted Most Popular...

Thursday, January 08, 2004

The Scourge of Wellington, Treason Enema, Gamey Smell, Cocktoasten, Beef Strokinoff, Harris Hostetler and His Hospitable Harp Honeys, There You Are!, Smoko Polo, Pantyless Patty and The Mysterious Snail Trail Left On My New La-Z-Boy Leather Recliner That She's Gonna Have To Clean Up Because I Don't Know Where That Skank Has Been, The Oxen Treaty, Bad Venison, Duo-Tang, Rommeloscopy, Helter Skelter Butt Wipe, Tune In Tacoma...

Bladder Mavens, Cornelius Cupid and the Heart Strings, Oh What A Goiter!, Strange Hebrew, You Want To Touch It?, The Sound When You Sit, Spermicidal Maniacs, We've Got Toast, Sensations Of Lubrication (formerly K.Y. and the Sunshine Banned), Wagon Ass, Infant Temper, Sex Acts With Sisters, The Semolina Piltdown Men...

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

The Meatloaf Massacre, So Slimming!, Hold the Fusion Please, Knockout Labia, Carnie Tooth, Fantasia Sabre, Uncle Tom's Stabbin', Punch Punch DIE, Fondling Wolfowitz, Cageless Prison of My Post-College Insecurities, Shaved By the Bell, Briny Stink and His Walrus Extravaganza, Foxtrot of Destruction, Scott Baio's Crucifix, Drawstring Heart and the Sachels of Love, Hoversnatch, Tigers of the North...

Monday, January 05, 2004

Stop The Herman Hesses, Fat Joke, ¬°Urethra!, Gomer's Pile, Wicked Willy & The Wet Release, Sex Is A Bullfight?, The Ass Monks, Wha Happened, William Sea, Tina!, Monte Cavalier & His Exposed Genitalia, The Sonny Bono Principal (formerly Head First & The Douglas Firs), Lumberjack Droppings, Prom Night Guilt Trip, Afterbirth Delight...

Velvet Elves, Baldergash, My New Tax Bracket, Ninja Britches, Nasal Buffet, 14th Annual Senior Games, Slappy Happy Pappy, Vodka and the Catatonics, Mother, Father, Chinese Dentist, Greebus Jeebus Puddin' and Pie!, Prayz-B-2-Gawd...

Spangle Loaf, Cover That Sneeze!, Skeet Cheater and The Buckshot Surprise, So Sad It's Funny, Applecider Tendencies, Kill Whitey, The Swanky Art Fags, T-Rexploitation, Lemur Pee Pee, That Bloated Feeling, Hiccup de Gerbil, The Shemptations, Hotel Coral Essex (for the Revenge of the Nerds II fans), Hobby Store Whore, Armed Throbbery, The Deviated Septum Rouse, Ping Pong Mambo, The Bonfire Sanities, Clark Licks Wiener, John Cougar Mellencamp, Tell-Tale Whippersnapper, Ass Lick Amy and The Tongue Browns, Sixth Avenue Stew, Shake n' Bake Your Love, Crush That Fly, I Cry Dollar Signs, Smell on Earth, New Moister Recipe!...

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